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About Us

We bring words to life with love and laughter...


The Live Literature Company is a Performance Company unique in fusing theatre, literature and the humanities, in performance works of excellence. Our performances are of both Contemporary and Classic writing, and also include site-specific and combined arts work. 


Our performances are presented in a truly approachable way to the widest possible audience, without losing any complexity of vision. We seek to perform to anyone, anywhere, who has ever read in their life, and for anyone who wants to learn to read. We are dedicated to sharing and bringing forward British and worldwide literary and artistic traditions for all our audiences to enjoy. We are continually sharing a vision in which all artistic traditions are expressed equally.

Our combined arts performances are for anyone who enjoys music, dance, and the visual arts. These performances present the beauty of fusing spoken word, visual image, music and dance.

Our site-specific work shows the profound and lasting resonance of connecting arts to place. 



We are dedicated to:

Producing performances with high quality aesthetics that are accessible to all populations and communities.

Providing equal opportunities for arts professionals through our casting ethos dedicated to diversity in the arts.

Promoting the work of women in all genres of performance work - as actors, writers, musicians, visual artists, technicians and administrators. 

Providing equal opportunity to Blind and Deaf performers.

Bringing our Vision to the younger generation. We work with children and young people of all ages to achieve this.


The Working Method:

We work as an Ensemble Company directed by Val Doulton. 

Our working process is about the physical embodiment of spoken language. The underlying concept is that there is no division between mind, body, emotions, and spirit. This underpins Val's directing process and her approach to all performance work.



Val’s teaching is experiential. Val believes that experiencing language not just as a mental process, but as part of an exploratory creative process, is a vital part of performance practice.

Language is complex; it is ingrained into the tissues of the body as well as the mind. Essential to Val’s working process is that language is understood in the body. Performers must experience language corporally in order to fully realise and be able to communicate character wholly and believably. Thus, the fusion of body, mind, spirit, and emotion is essential for the whole realisation of the person. In particular, Val loves the work of Shakespeare in performance because the intricacy of his language is nutritious; his language works especially well with Val’s experiential way of working.


Val also values memory as an integral part of her experiential creative process. Memory is inexorably linked to the way in which performers experience language in the body. Memory is not only realised as a process of the mind but also a as a physical embodiment too. Hence, the unique memories of each individual impact how they distinctively convey language in performance.


The realisation of language and memory in the body is vital to performance. Therefore, cohesion between body, mind, spirit, and emotions is important, not only as part of the creative process, but also as an on-going process of learning and developing.



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